Cement Rendering and Why it May Be Ideal for Your Exterior Surfaces

If you have cement walls on the exterior or your home or complex, you may be looking for ways to strengthen them or to upgrade them. One of the upgrades available to you is the use of a process called cement rendering. This process is often offered as a service from your area concrete contractor. Here are some key points regarding the process and how it may be able to benefit your exterior surface upgrades. 

Texturing Process

One of the main reasons you may want to consider cement rendering deals with the texturing effect it can offer. The mixture of the cement with sand and other materials can offer a different and more finished texturing appearance on exterior walls. It can also offer a texture that allows for different looks and upgrades to be applied. For example, you can have the cement contractor use the texturing of rendering to create a stucco effect or a smooth exterior wall effect found in constructions around the world. 

Durability and Components

In many cases, you may be choosing the rendering process in an effort to add durability as well as aesthetic upgrades to your exterior walls and property. This means understanding what materials are used in the rendering process to decide if it will offer the end result you are looking for. In a traditional process you will have three different materials used and blended to form the rendered end product. These materials consist of sand, a form of lime, and cement. The lime used is traditionally an indigenous lime material from the surrounding or local area. This mixture is not the finishing step, however. It is placed on the exterior wall and then made rough in order for the final application of paint or other material to stick properly. 

Sustainable Option

There are several types of rendering available. However, many include acrylic or other form of similar material. This means that you are left with a product that is not as sustainable or environmentally friendly. Traditional cement rendering uses naturally occurring materials or materials derived from naturally occurring materials. This offers a sustainable option for your upgrades that is also durable and can be altered to fit the end result you are looking for. 

If you feel that cement rendering services may be what you want used on your exterior surface upgrade, contact your cement contractor. They can assess the exterior situation and determine if rendering may be a solution for you. They can also suggest additional services that may improve or strengthen your upgrades and renovations.