Adding A Sense Of Fun Into Your Garden With Natural Stone Pavers

Beautiful natural stone pavers covering your outdoor space create a beautiful and relaxing space to enjoy. With a wide variety of shapes and colours to choose from, why not design the pavers with fun in mind? Here are some ideas for spicing up your outdoors and adding entertainment value using natural stone pavers

Outdoor Chessboard

Whether you play chess or not, a giant chess board made of pavers creates a fun element in a garden. Though they're more often found in palaces, there's no reason you can't construct one in your backyard (assuming you don't live in a palace!). All you need is two different colours of square pavers, which a contractor can lay to create a chequerboard effect. Some retailers sell garden-size chess pieces to position on the squares strategically. 

Alternatively, use a chessboard more loosely as a theme for your patio. Install alternate colour pavers, and decorate the patio with statues or figures that resemble traditional chess pieces. Most varieties of natural stone come in a variety of hues, including slates, blues, sands or greys, so you should have no trouble creating contrast.


Why not install an interesting sculpture piece, such as a sundial, and then surround it with a circular paver design? Create round bands of hues within the paving to emphasize the classic sense of geometry, using buffs and greys. Encircle the area with a hedge or other pleasing foliage.

Meandering Path

Create a sense of mystery in your garden with a pathway meandering into the foliage and disappearing from view. Make sure it wanders and curves in an engaging, delightful way. So as not to disappoint a curious walker, install a picturesque garden seat at the endpoint. Place irregularly sized boulders around the space to complement the random nature of the design. 

Hopscotch Grid

You might have used or seen chalk drawings of the hopscotch grid on concrete at school. Why not incorporate this pattern into your paving? Children can enjoy playing hopscotch, and you can jump across it yourself to add to your fitness routine. Remember to install textured non-slip pavers. Another simple game grid to incorporate would be a noughts-and-crosses pattern, with appropriate sculpture pieces to represent the noughts and the crosses.

Secret Trail

If your backyard has a large paved area across different sections, you could incorporate a secret trail or pattern across the surface. Much like Hansel (and Gretel) left crumbs to create a trail in the famous fairytale, you could integrate subtle elements within the paving. For instance, install a particular subtle hue, distinct shape or pebble that creates a trail leading around and about, even turning a corner. Make sure to reward any ingenious person who happens to discover the secret pathway by placing an unusual feature or treasure at the destination point.