3 Ways to Increase the Kerb Appeal of Your Home

Whether you're trying to sell your home, or simply want to make it look better for your own enjoyment, increasing the kerb appeal is key. Your impression of a house begins the moment you see it from the street, and it's hard to ignore if something isn't right. By creating an attractive path to your home, having the driveway resurfaced, and adding a few pretty flowers and shrubs, you'll make your home look as welcoming as possible. Read on for full details on how to make your home the star of the street.

Create a path to the house

Creating a clear path to your home looks inviting and attractive, and is much more pleasant than picking your way across an overgrown lawn. If you choose to create a paved path, then you'll have a lot of choice when it comes to design. You could choose something light and subtle, like sandstone, or make a statement with a bolder choice, like black limestone or slate. If paving doesn't appeal to you, then gravel is another great option that's easy to install and maintain. Gravel is available in a wide range of colours; so don't think you'll be stuck with grey. You could choose a warm gold, pale pink, or earthy green.

Have the driveway resurfaced

A poorly surfaced driveway will stand out immediately and dramatically decrease the kerb appeal of your home. Having your driveway resurfaced by a reputable contractor will make it look smooth, neat and new, as well as easier to drive onto. If you fancy a design change, you could choose coloured concrete in a shade that complements the colour of your garden path or home. Choosing stained concrete can create a unique, classy look, while engraved concrete allows you to recreate the effect of other materials, like brick. Ask to see some samples of previous work carried out by a contractor, like one from M.P.S Paving Systems Australia, if you're struggling for ideas.

Plant flowers and shrubs

Adding some natural elements to the front of your home prevents it from looking too cold or clinical. Plant flowers and shrubs directly into the ground, or into large pots for a lower maintenance option. If you don't have much room, then hanging baskets or window baskets can still add a lovely pop of colour to the front of your home. Pick perennials to ensure that you'll enjoy flowers year after year, without having to replant.