3 Types of Texture Coatings You Can Choose for Your Home

There are many ways to enhance the exterior look of your home and make it more functional. Paint has been a common option for many homeowners wishing to improve the aesthetic appeal of their homes. However, texture coatings are becoming more popular because they are more durable, more aesthetically pleasing, more energy efficient, easier to maintain, and come with high resistance to the growth of mildew or mould. Texture coatings are available in a wide range of options, and evaluating some of them will give you an idea of what they may look like on your home. Having a look at them can also help you choose the most suitable for your home. Here are some of these options.

Dash Texture Coatings

This type of coating is usually highly textured and appears as roughcast or a mixture of fine gravel and plaster mix. Dash texture coats work well for any type of stucco including traditional and synthetic. Patching this type of texture coating is easy. For small areas or the final coating, you can simply splatter it with your hand. On the other hand, you will need a hopper gun to spray it on first application (you can add a few more layers of the coating for more efficiency and uniformity) and for larger areas. However, when dash texture coatings dry, they can be relatively rough. This can be a concern for some homeowners, especially if you are worried about the safety of kids who could be playing around the house. Fortunately, you can solve this problem by increasing the air pressure when spraying the coating to your house. Doing this produces a fine texture.

Smooth Textured Coatings

These types of coatings are usually the smoothest. They are ideal if you prefer the smoothness of paint but want the sturdiness and functionality of a texture coat. They are available in a form of paint only heavier and thicker. However, just because they appear as paint doesn't mean you can apply them using paint rollers or brushes. To apply this textured coating, you will need a trowel. Adding colours to this type of coating is easy. Besides, cleaning is very simple. However, compared to other texture coatings, smooth coatings are more susceptible to cracking.

Lace Texture Coatings

This is preferred by many homeowners because it can conceal imperfections such as cracks in your exterior walls. You can apply them by hand or spray them with a trowel. Depending on how fine you want the texture to be, you can apply lace coatings in a light or heavy pattern. They are usually more aesthetically appealing than their counterparts.