3 Important Questions to Ask About Asphalt Paving

When you're ready to have your home's driveway or a commercial parking lot paved, you want to consider the benefits of asphalt. This material is usually more affordable than concrete and can provide a better surface that offers more texture so it's safer for traffic. The dark color can also make it look better than dull and drab concrete. Note a few important questions to ask any potential asphalt paver before you decide to have the job done, so you know what to expect and can ensure you choose the right company and care for your asphalt properly.

1. Are there weather restrictions for paving?

Typically, asphalt can be installed as long as the ground is not frozen, but heavy rains might also affect a company's ability to pave. If the company is paving over old asphalt, rain might collect in potholes and other areas and interfere with their ability to install the new paving material. Be sure you ask about weather restrictions so you know if there will be delays in the paving job or if you should schedule it for a certain time of year.

2. What prep work needs to be done?

In most cases, your property will need to be evaluated in order for asphalt to be set down, as the soil needs to be strong enough to support asphalt. If it's too sandy or too moist, it may need to have a substance mixed in so that it becomes stronger. The property may also need to be graded so that it's level and even for paving. In many cases, a company will come to your property before the job is scheduled and note how it will need to be prepared before asphalt can be installed.

3. Should the asphalt be seal coated?

Seal coating is usually added long after the original asphalt is installed, as a way to protect it from further damage. Not all asphalt companies endorse seal coating, however, as it may simply build up over time and then crack, which actually allows water to collect and pool on your pavement. Whether or not seal coating is recommended may depend on the type of asphalt you've had installed and the grade or slope of your property. Be sure you ask about this as the asphalt is being installed so you don't assume that you should just seal coat the driveway or parking lot every year when it's really not necessary.

For more information, contact a local asphalt paving company.